Eros DIY Massage Oil

Let the passion of Eros stir you with this simple, yet utterly delectable DIY Massage Oil recipe. This oil is the perfect gateway to a night of blissful intimacy with your love, or a soul-filling self-love session in your own company.

August 12, 2023 by Rohini Mauk

Eros DIY Massage Oil

Melt into the sensual world of Eros with this simple and delicious DIY massage oil recipe. Massage is beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit in a multitude of ways, and has been employed as a healing method within the Ayurvedic system of holistic medicine for thousands of years. Massage can help improve blood flow and circulation, relieve tight or sore muscles, and even release and move toxins through the lymph system. Not to mention the profound emotional benefits of being cared for intimately by another person - there is immeasurable power in feeling seen, loved, and cherished. 

Whether you desire to dote on your partner with a sensual massage night or offer yourself a thorough self-love session, this massage oil will help transport you into the blissful realm of Eros. Our Eros essential oil combines the delicious scent of cacao, vanilla, and sandalwood with the seductive sweetness of homegrown Hawaiian ylang-ylang. Our very own portal to passion, intimacy, and exploration, making it the perfect choice for a night of love in all its forms. 

Sayu DIY Eros Massage Oil 



    Find a glass bottle to house your oil, preferably something that pours/pumps easily for your convenience during massage time. Begin by adding the Eros essential oil blend into the bottle, then add the carrier oil and finish with the Vitamin E oil. When you finish, attach the lid and gently tilt the bottle back and forth, rolling in between your warm hands to mix the oils. Open it up and see if the potency of the Eros scent is to your liking; if you wish to add more - go for it! 
    To finish it off, create a label that clarifies what’s in the jar so you can easily find it later. Store in a cool, dark place for optimal shelf life. We recommend using it up within six months, which is a great excuse to indulge in regular sensual massages with your love (or yourself!)

    Try Out Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage  - 

    Abhyanga is an ancient Indian form of massage, also known as “snehana” which aptly means “to nurture or to love.” No worries if you don't have prior experience with massage; this simple practice is a wonderful way to get comfortable with self-massage and massage with a partner. Breathe deeply and connect to the nurturing power of Eros -

    • To begin, warm up the Eros massage oil blend thoroughly by rubbing it between your hands
    • Focus first on your limbs; Abhyanga traditionally starts closer to the heart, then begins to move away to the outer parts of the body 
    • Hold light pressure, similar to how you would apply lotion to your body
    • Try sweeping your left hand from the right shoulder down to the wrist, then repeating on the other side
    • Next, move down to the legs, repeating the same gentle sweeping motion on each leg
    • When you arrive at a joint, change your technique from sweeping to massaging in a gentle, circular motion around the joint (like a knee, elbow, or ankle)
    • Continue in a soft circular motion on the belly, chest, butt, and breasts, maintaining gentle pressure
    • Be sure to massage the feet, top of the head, inside the belly button, and ears: these are key points within the Ayurvedic health system
    • Continue massaging for as long as you wish, closing your eyes and letting the practice become intuitive
    • When you are finished, allow the Eros oil to soak in for an additional 5-10 minutes. When you are done, you may wash it off or simply let it continue to soak in

    We hope this DIY invites the lover within you forward, may the passionate flame of intimacy that Eros invokes burn sweetly on. Shop the Eros blend.

    ~ Written by Rohini Mauk ~

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