Earth-born Essential Oils

Earth-born Essential Oils

The promise of a grounding breath, a moment to yourself, a recalibration of the day – that quiet power of rebirth and re-entry is precious. With an exclusive selection of masterful blends, our essential oils invite and invoke the moments that define you.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy

The word Sayu is an ancient Atlantian word for Earth. Offering a bridge between worlds, our blends act as a doorway to simultaneously experience both the ancient ethereal and the visceral present. Through exquisitely pure ingredients alchemized into sacred scents meant for daily ritual, we bring the best of the Earth to your next breath.

Great care is taken to ensure that these oils are not only of the highest quality but integrity. We believe in the laws of sacred reciprocity, what the Quechua lineage would call ayni. So we honor the Earth and her people by supporting transparent sourcing, guaranteeing that each ingredient we use is responsibly and ethically obtained.

This dedication spans our entire supply chain, nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship with nature and the communities we are blessed to engage with and support.

Meet Our Founders

Carly Taylor

Always one to stop and smell the flowers, our co-founder Carly Taylor grew up enamored by the delights of the natural world, encouraged by her family's deeply rooted belief in the power of natural medicine and holistic health. Integrating an academic science background in biochemistry while continuing her studies in aromatherapy and herbalism, Carly's history of environmental activism and advocacy against animal testing is showcased in Sayu's unique development journey. She believes in the wholehearted pursuit of ethical practices, upholding transparent pillars of reverence and regenerative action at every step of the process.

Aubrey Marcus

An extremely successful entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, our co-founder Aubrey Marcus is perhaps best known as a psychonaut. Since 1999, Aubrey has been on the psychedelic medicine path, learning from shamans and ceremonialists practiced in the great traditions around the world. It was this path that led him to understand the true power of essential oils in rituals, a tradition that stretches back for thousands of years. Recognizing that the very best essential oil blends had yet to be created, he set out with a partner to create a world-class line of blends he uses every day both in ordinary life and in sacred ceremony.

Connected through their desire to share the unique botanical blends they had been using in their own daily lives with the rest of the world, Sayu was born from a common reverence for both stardust and soil, both the unseen and the already manifest. Our wish for Sayu is that it will act as a beacon for radical change; championing traceable sustainability and quality by ensuring that every step of our seed-to-soul process reflects our devotion to our beautiful planet and the magic found within it.

Masterful Botanical Alchemy

The essence of our mission centers around the impactful idea of rewilding, a transformative approach that advocates for a reconnection of industry with the Earth's intrinsic values. This entails a departure from conventional practices, encouraging the adoption of ethical methods that prioritize the well-being of both consumers and the planet we call home.

We aim to empower our customers to achieve their fullest human potential through intentional moments of mindfulness and optimized daily rituals. By merging Indigenous botanical wisdom with cutting-edge modern distillation techniques, we have curated a line of extraordinarily pure and potent oil blends with an unwavering focus on our core pillars of transparency, integrity, and quality.

Everything from the way the plants we work with are grown, to how they are harvested and distilled, to the vessels they are bottled in, to the packaging they are received by you in reflects our dedication to put people before profits at every crossroads, including our commitment to giving back through our ongoing pledge to support fair-wage practices and conservation initiatives.

Our team of botanical alchemists have decades of experience in the fields of pharmacology and essential oil sourcing and distillation, which lend themselves to Sayu blends that are not just organic, pure, and potent, but teeming with magic. We use orgonite imprinting, 423 Hz crystal bowl attunement, and biogeometry tools (and that’s just the tip of the alchemical iceberg) to create truly unique seed-to-soul botanical potions that are so much more than just the sum of their parts.

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