Pronounced sigh-yew and translating to the Atlantian word for Earth, Sayu represents the bridge between the wisdom of the ancient ethereal and the visceral present.

The essence of our mission centers around the impactful idea of rewilding, a transformative approach that advocates for a reconnection of the industry with the Earth's intrinsic values. This entails a departure from conventional practices, encouraging the adoption of ethical methods that prioritize the well-being of both consumers and the planet we call home. Each of our ingredients are either organically farmed or wildcrafted, and we steadfastly support transparent sourcing, guaranteeing that each ingredient we use is responsibly and ethically obtained. This dedication spans our entire supply chain, nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship with nature and the communities we engage with.

We aim to empower our customers to achieve their fullest human potential through intentional moments of mindfulness and optimized daily rituals. Our wish for Sayu is that it will act as a beacon for radical change; championing pure and potent natural ingredients and traceable sustainability by ensuring that every step of our seed-to-soul process reflects our devotion to our beautiful planet and the magic found within it. Check out our Ingredient Glossary to learn more about our ingredient sourcing + wholehearted pursuit of ethical practices at every step of our supply chain.

Most commonly, our customers use their Sayu blends directly in a diffuser, or applied to pulse points (like the wrist, or behind the ear) - either directly from the bottle, or diluted in a carrier oil (for those who have skin sensitivity or prefer a lighter scent). However, Sayu blends are made from 100% pure essential oils, meaning they make a beautiful addition to anywhere that could use a boost of pure and potent botanical magic! Brighten up your day by inhaling deeply for a quick pick-me-up, add a few drops into your body oil for a elevated massage experience, add to a warm bath, decant in a steamy shower or sauna, apply to the neckline as a perfume, mix into water to use as a room spray, add a few drops to your favorite unscented candle... the possibilities are endless!

Our products are manufactured in the US from globally sourced ingredients. Check out our Ingredient Glossary for full transparency on the backstories behind all of our beloved botanicals! Every single one of our botanical ingredients is either organically farmed or ethically wildcrafted. We also have chosen to avoid chemical solvents and instead use either steam or CO2 distillation to extract the most pure and potent nectar from the raw plant material.

Using essential oils is wildly different than using products with artificial fragrance or even “natural” fragrance listed in their ingredients. Distilled directly from the raw organic plant material, with no funky chemicals or additives, our essential oils offer a healthier alternative to the endocrine-disrupting effects of chemical fragrance, as well as a wide array of aromatherapeutic benefits.

Nope! Unlike many other lower quality essential oil blends on the market, all of our potent oil blends are made of 100% pure essential oils for maximum organic botanical power — no fillers, no additives, no cheap carrier oils. Depending on skin sensitivity and personal preference for scent strength, you might want to patch test and/or dilute a few drops of your favorite Sayu blend into a carrier oil like organic coconut or jojoba before applying to the skin.

Always. Our products are plant-based and free from all animal-derived ingredients, and Sayu strongly opposes cosmetic animal testing; our friends act as our (very willing!) human test subjects as we fine-tune new blends.

Yes! All our external packaging is recyclable and plastic-free — we even use paper tape on our mailers. If your local recycling service does not accept printed glass, we recommend TerraCycle.

We opted to use the highest quality UV-protected glass available. If you hold the bottle up to the sunlight, you’ll notice that our black glass bottles glow violet. This is because our patent-protected bottle engineering process allows just UV light to enter, without allowing any other wavelengths of light in. Since our products are all natural and contain no preservatives, UV-protected glass encourages the antimicrobial effects of UV light while keeping the essential oil extracts in the bottle safe from degradation. We recommend using your oils within 1-2 years. To maximize shelf life, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, heat, humidity, and excess moisture.

Because we don’t use artificial colors in our products, there are natural variations in the color of our oils. Be extra mindful adorning yourself while wearing white clothing; our Eros blend will appear amber (thank you, Cinnamon Leaf!), and both Elysium and Helios will appear a beautiful blue (thanks to Blue Tansy) until rubbed into the skin.

Our 100% pure essential oil distillations are designed for both external skin use and diffuser use. Depending on skin sensitivity and personal preference, you might want to patch test and/or dilute a few drops into a carrier oil like organic coconut or jojoba before applying to the skin. Most essential oils are photosensitive, meaning it’s best to avoid direct sun exposure after application. Sayu is inculpable for any adverse reaction or allergy to our products; we stand behind the caliber and integrity of every ingredient and product we craft, and we share the full backstory of all product ingredients to foster empowered research and personal discretion while shopping. As with any new products, if you have serious allergies, we recommend that you follow your healthcare provider’s guidance. Feel free to email us at hello@sayu.earth about any specific usage questions!

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